Forging Ahead Traditionally

I am a blacksmith artisan running a small forge locally. I am skilled in making and restoring ironwork. I have a particular interest in sculpture pieces either produced to your designs or designed personally for your by myself

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A traditional forge set in the heart of the Test Valley, Hampshire

Eitri forge is that quintessential fusion of blacksmithing which combines traditional techniques and craftsmanship with modern technology, to produce the finest quality ironmongery for both homes and businesses. Dedicated to preserving the traditions of the craft, with a love and respect for the long heritage of handmade ironmongery yet using these skills to forge contemporary as well as more traditional pieces.

A BABA (British Association of Blacksmith Artists) associate with over a decade’s experience, my Blacksmith services have become well renowned throughout the Test Valley and surrounding area. I’ve been handling projects with the skill and professionalism my clients have come to expect, customer satisfaction being my #1 priority.

A copper flower bud

Where am I?

Eitri forge is local to the Test Valley and surrounding area. The workshop is nestled in the hamlet of Upper Enham, about 3 miles from the historic market town of Andover. I’ve been providing community members with incredible service for quite some time now, and I have no plans of stopping anytime soon. I love the relationship I build with my clients and many of them return as repeat customers.

As I am often out and about on jobs, and to respect my neighbours, I do ask that you book an appointment to come and see me.

Artwork Hotrod vehicle

About my forge name

Eitri (pronounced ‘Eee-Tree’) in Norse mythology was a master blacksmith of the Dwarfs, who together with his brother, Brokkr forged Thor’s famous Hammer. I chose this name as a nod to the Viking traditions that inspire me and the Scandinavian culture which influences some of my aesthetic.

A copper flower bud

How to reach me

Please do book an appointent with me for a quote and for visits to my workshop as I may be out with other customers. Please contact me using one of the following methods.



Please do not post links, if you want to send an example of what you are thinking of please send them to me after I have contacted you back. Thank you.

Cones being heated on the coals of the forge